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Is Chevy Better Than Ford?

Is Chevy better than Ford?  Or, is Ford better than Chevy?

The answer of that discussion lies in the eye of the beholder.  In a recent poll conducted here on our website, these were the results:

  • 30% believed that Chevy was better than Ford
  • 27% believed that Ford was better than Chevy
  • 43% believed that Chevy and Fords were equally as good

Of course, this only represents a small portion of the general public.  However, it gives us an idea that there are wide differences in opinion amongst truck owners.  Often times, it also depends on whichever vehicle you’ve owned first.  Studies have shown that clients (as long as they have a good experience) will typically be loyal to the first brand that they try.  This applies to both used pickup trucks, to ice cream, and to other things in life.

The advantage is that Ford has the Mustang – a beautiful car.  In addition, Ford also creates and boasts the best-selling F series trucks, which is gaining in popularity.  As a side note, I also really love the new Flex by Ford.  In terms of history and longevity, Ford has the upper hand.  If you think about it, Ford practically made the first affordable car!

On the other side, Chevy’s most coveted vehicle is the Corvette.  Mix that in with their newly reintroduced Camaro, and their larger vehicles which include Tahoe and Suburban – a favorite for larger families.

In the end, both Chevy and Ford have several best-selling vehicles and trucks.  So it really depends on what your specifications are.  The best way to compare is really compare the most important features that you want.  So make a list of the things that you are looking for in your truck, and head down to your local truck dealership to test drive both.

If you have problems choosing amongst that large line-up, here’s our suggestion.  Go to a Chevy dealership and test drive the Chevy Avalanche and see how it compares to the competition.  Immediately afterwards, go to a Ford dealership and test drive the Ford® F-150 SVT Raptor.  Both are our top topics!